You And Your Hand – By CHEIRO 1932 – The Hand of Lillian Gish (PDF)

  • You And Your Hand – By CHEIRO (1932 GB)- The Hand of Lillian Gish

The type of hand is that of the artistic, but one dominated by a long thumb showing will power and strength of character, while the bent or direction of the first and second fingers leaning outward over the Mount of Jupiter shows strong ambition making the entire nature unsatisfied until it has accomplished great things. On the palm all the lines are extremely fine, even the ridges or whorls in the skin of the hand being of this quality. It may be noticed that the autograph, Lillian Gish, 1927, shows her hand-writing to be fine and light, but with every letter perfectly formed. The difficulties of the early years can easily be discerned by following the “twists and turns” of the first part of the Line of Fate-the one nearest to the Line of Life. The second or outer Fate Line which joins the first a little below the middle of the palm, I have referred to in my description of other hands as the indication of what I may call “the soul nature” of the subject. This is a most significant indication when seen on any hand. It denotes a hidden or inside force, backing up as it were the Fate as it appears to the “eyes of the world”, and which if it succeeds in the end in joining, or taking the place of the first Line of Fate, gives a wonderful promise of ultimate success in whatever the desires or ambitions of the subject may be. It is only after middle life that the straightest and best Sun Lines appear, denoting great promise for the future. The curved or drooping lines of the Line of Heart under the Mount of Jupiter denote she has not been fortunate in her affections, although she is of an intensely affectionate disposition. The Line of Head being so closely joined to that of Life tells of her extremely sensitive, retiring nature, while the line itself having such a graceful slope towards and into the upper part of the Mount of Luna increases the artistic qualities shown by the shape and type of hand.

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