Voice of Lillian Gish Registered in ‘One Romantic Night’ (Eagle Rock Sentinel, 1930)

  • Eagle Rock Sentinel, Volume XXII, Number 50, 6 June 1930
  • Voice of Lillian Gish Registered in ‘One Romantic Night’

No other player In the history of the screen has been associated with more great pictures than Lillian Gish, the famous star whose voice is heard for the first time at the Fox Alexander theater in United Artists “One Romantic Night.” Wherever unprejudiced commentators gather to discuss the artistic and commercial merit of “The Birth of a Nation,” “Intolerance,” “Hearts of the World,” “Orphans of the Storm.” “Broken Blossoms” and ‘‘Way Down East” invariably top the list.  As Alexandra, in United Artists’ dialogue screen adaption of the noted Ferenc Molnar play, ‘The Swan,” Miss Gish believes she has the greatest role of her career. “One Romantic Night” is the star’s first all talking picture. In the notable cast with her are Rod La Rocque, Conrad Nagel, Marie Dressler and O. P. Heggie. This all star supporting cast is further augmented by Albeit Conti, Edgar Norton, Billie Bennett, Phillip De Lacy and Byron Sage. Paul Stein directed the production. The short subjects include a comedy, a novelty and the latest Fox Movietone News.

Never had she looked more lovely. No longer a victim of tyranny, brutality and betrayal, but a Princess, as rare as any out of a fairy tale, with a palace and a rose garden and suitors, with a lilting, perfectly-timed voice, Lillian appeared to have come into her own.

One Romantic Night – The Swan

Director: Paul L. Stein

Writers: Maxwell Anderson (adaptation) Melville Baker (adaptation) 3 May 1930 (USA)

•          Lillian Gish …….… Princess Alexandra

•          Rod La Rocque ………..… Prince Albert

•          Conrad Nagel ….. Dr. Nicholas Haller

•          Marie Dressler …… Princess Beatrice

•          O.P. Heggie …………..… Father Benedict

•          Albert Conti ………………. Count Lutzen

•          Edgar Norton ….. Colonel Wunderlich

•          Billie Bennett … Princess Symphorosa

•          Philippe De Lacy …….… Prince George

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