TRUE HEART SUSIE By HAZEL SIMPSON NAYLOR (Motion Picture Magazine – 1919)

Motion Picture Magazine – September 1919

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Robert Harron, Clarine Seymour, Lillian Gish – True Heart Susie

“True Heart Susie” is one of the very few photoplays I have seen which shows a complete understanding of women. It is the tale of a pale little country girl who loves a country youth with the lasting devotion of the uncomplex soul. She sacrifices her few simple possessions that he may be sent to college and become a great preacher. Upon his return, however, he meets a jazzy little milliner and, like all men, falls for the silken cocoon and fails to hunt for the heart of his rose. They are married and Susie is bridesmaid and best friend. She protects the little wife from the results of her small sinnings, until nature takes a hand and the unhappy butterfly, oppressed in her inappropriate, sunless home, quietly dies of pneumonia. In time Susie’s good baking-powder qualities are realized by her country Romeo.

Lillian Gish and Clarine Seymour – True Heart Susie

Clarine Seymour is a genuine find. Between them, she and Griffith have given a real characterization to the screen : the girl who has no real wrong in her heart, but whose air is music and whose food and drink are pretty clothes and flattery. Lillian Gish is poetically lovely in spite of old-fashioned garments and ridiculous hats.

Lillian Gish – True Heart Susie

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