The Unforgiven (1960)


Release Date: 6 April 1960 (USA)

Director: John Huston

Writers: Ben Maddow (screenplay) Alan Le May (based on a novel by)


Before filming began, director John Huston and star Burt Lancaster took actress Lillian Gish out to the desert to teach her how to shoot, which she would have to do in the film. However, Huston was astounded to discover that Gish could shoot more accurately, and faster, than both he and Lancaster, who thought themselves expert marksmen. It turned out that early in her career Gish was taught how to shoot by notorious western outlaw and gunfighter Al J. Jennings, who had become an actor after his release from a long prison sentence for train robbery and was in the cast of one of her films.

UNFORGIVEN, Lillian Gish, am Set, 1960

  • Photo: Behind the scenes, Lillian Gish on set

She found that she liked shooting and over the years had developed into an expert shot. “The Unforgiven” was Audrey Hepburn’s only Western.

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