The Lady and the Mouse (1913)

Director: D.W. Griffith Writer: D.W. Griffith

Cast overview:

  • Lillian Gish … The First Sister
  • Dorothy Gish … The Second Sister
  • Lionel Barrymore … The Father
  • Robert Harron … The Young Friend
  • Henry B. Walthall … The 1st Rival
  • Harry Hyde … The 2nd Rival
  • Kate Toncray … The Aunt
  • Adolph Lestina … The Doctor

The question is, would the young tramp really have fallen in love with the groceryman’s daughter if he had not caught her in the heart struggle. Be that as it may, she could not find it in her to drown the unwelcome visitor to the pantry, so she let it go and the silent little drama witnessed by the tramp greatly impressed him. Not so the strict aunt, she declared the whole thing to be in exact accordance with everything else in the family. Their hearts ran away with their heads. That was why they lost money on credit, could not pay off the mortgage and send the sick sister to a better climate. As for the tramp, they had no business to take him in. He could not pay for his keep. But the tramp surprised them all.


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