The Comedians – 1967

Director: Peter Glenville

Writers: Graham Greene (novel and screenplay)

There are also some hilarious scenes involving the Vegetarian candidate for U.S. President (Paul Ford) and his wife (brilliantly played by Lillian Gish). And there are some well-photographed location shots showing voodoo ceremonies and all that. The atmosphere of the Caribbean is invoked convincingly, if to no particular purpose, and there are semi-controversial statements about U.S. policy in Latin America (“Rebels only become Communist when the Yankees insist”). The movie tries to be serious and politically significant, and succeeds only in being tedious and pompous. Still, you have to hand it to Liz and Dick: For them to make a movie attacking Papa Doc Duvalier’s dictatorship took even more courage than when Senator Dirksen defended the marigold.

Richard Burton … Brown Elizabeth Taylor … Martha Pineda Alec Guinness … Major H. O. Jones Peter Ustinov … Ambassador Manuel Pineda Paul Ford … Smith Lillian Gish … Mrs. Smith Georg Stanford Brown … Henri Philipot Roscoe Lee Browne … Petit Pierre Gloria Foster … Mrs. Philipot James Earl Jones … Dr. Magiot Zakes Mokae … Michel Douta Seck … Joseph Raymond St. Jacques … Captain Concasseur Cicely Tyson … Marie Therese

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