The Children Pay – 1916

Triangle Fine Arts Studio
Triangle Fine Arts Studio

The latest Triangle Fine Arts production, throws before your eye a picture intense in its appeal. The home divided – what will become of the children? “The Children Pay” – It is a situation that simply will not be downed – and Lillian Gish will tell you why!

Directed by Lloyd Ingraham

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) :

  • Anita Loos
  • Frank E. Woods
The Children Pay - Lillian Gish
The Children Pay – Lillian Gish
  • Lillian Gish … Millicent
  • Violet Wilkey … Jean – Millicent’s sister
  • Keith Armour … Horace Craig
  • Ralph Lewis … Theodore Ainsley – the Girls’ Father
  • Loyola O’Connor … Elinor Ainsley – The Girls’ Mother
  • Alma Rubens … Editha – The Girls’ Stepmother
  • Jennie Lee … Susan – the Girls’ Governess
  • Robert Lohmeyer … Signor Zucca
  • Carl Stockdale … Judge Mason
  • Tom Wilson … Officer


As part of a divorce settlement, Theodore Ainsley gets custody of his older daughter Millicent, and his wife Elinor gets younger sister Jean. The two girls, normally inseparable, can’t bear to be away from each other and run away together, but are soon caught by the authorities. Another custody hearing ensues, during which the girls’ attorney Horace Craig makes an unusual, and somewhat shocking, proposal.

The Children Pay - Lillian Gish
The Children Pay – Lillian Gish


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