Tenacity and Determination are Indicated in the Face of Lillian Gish (The Picture Show – 1920)

The Picture Show May 29th 1920

Character As Told By The Face

Tenacity of Purpose and Ruthless Determination are Indicated in the Face of Lillian Gish.


Lillian Gish photo by Witzel LA 1920 ssb
Lillian Gish photo by Witzel L.A. – 1920


The Forehead.

The outline of the forehead gives the most perfect expression of a clear understanding, as does the elevation above the eye of elegance and originality. Note the width of the lower part of the forehead where the faculty of comparison is situated. The upper part of the countenance shows more the seat of reason, and the under of imagination.


The Eyes.

Observe the fullness of the eyes themselves, denoting imagination, love of approbation, comprehension, and extreme sensibilities—the eye of the idealist. Note how the upper eyelid is inclined to droop, as if in thought or contemplation. The eye, with such a forehead, can see what others cannot see : such forms delight in order and accuracy. They also love applause, but more for the sake of giving pleasure to others than their own sake. The nose is indicative of energy, perseverance and determination, and benevolent fidelity.


Lillian Gish photo by Witzel LA 1920 ss
Lillian Gish photo by Witzel L.A. – 1920


The Mouth.

Is remarkably tender and of exquisite musical taste. The lips denote caution and circumspection ; it also bespeaks generosity and a profound nature.


The Contour of the Face.

The face of Miss Lillian Gish is indicative of honesty of purpose, a woman who hears more than she speaks, a mind accurate and comprehensive, and not easily turned away from her purpose.



To this type belong the ideal, guided by idealism, and by their natural love and attraction for the beautiful in all things. They not infrequently have the gift of prophecy. Genius is a thing to them infinitely superior to common sense, and the calmness of natural talent which they possess gives them the contentment of self-approbation.


Lillian Gish photo by Witzel LA 1920 ssc
Lillian Gish photo by Witzel L.A. – 1920


In Love.

Capable of tenderness and affection to the person she loves, for his strength of character can be only enjoyed by all that is strong in her. So we read her thought in sparkles of light, a charming woman crowned with the glory of her youth.


In Health.

Usually inclined to be fanciful regarding ailments, excitable, and nervy. Very dry climates and plenty of sunlight in their greatest safeguard, and variety of change and travel.

Picture Show (May 29th 1920) Lillian's Character
Picture Show (May 29th 1920) – Lillian’s Character

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