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Photographer Carl Van Vechten
1937 Photo Session Lillian Gish

Lillian Gish – Van Vechten

The Rodney Ackland dramatization of “Crime And Punishment” was set for a December 1947 opening. Boris Marshalove would be working with Lillian at the end of the summer.
To provide summer income, Lillian signed an engagement to play in stock house. Touring with her was Mary MacArthur, the teen-aged daughter of actress Helen Hayes. The vehicle was Noel Coward’s The Marquise (La Marquise), which was set in eighteenth century France and offered good roles for an older woman and a young girl.
The play had but two productions on record: the original London production starring Marie Tempest (for whom the play was written), and an American production the following year.

Stuart Oderman /Lillian Gish: A Life on Stage and Screen

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