Springfield and Massillon – Ohio

Springfield and Massillon Ohio, as seen through Lillian Gish’s eyes …

Seasons changed . . . the years went on. From the train window, Lillian saw the snow come, then go, leaving only lines along the hedgerows, or white tracks across the watery meadows to show which way winter had passed. Then flowers, bits of blue and white and yellow . . . after that, summer, and New York, or maybe Massillon.

Lillian realized that she was growing tall . . . too tall, almost, for the parts she was playing. She supposed that presently she would have to give up the stage, and go to school regularly, or at least until she was old enough for the more grown-up parts. Perhaps that would be in New York . . . more likely in Massillon. She hoped it would be Massillon. She liked it there, at Aunt Emily’s place, which they called “the farm.” (Life and Lillian Gish – 1932)

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