She remains undisturbed…

“The little things of life simply don’t worry her at all. Gales of temperament can rage around her – she remains undisturbed. I have seen her at a time when anyone else would have been distraught with anxiety, come quietly in from the set, eat her luncheon calmly and collectedly, then pick up some little book of philosophy and read it steadily until they sent for her.”

Phillis Moir (secretary to Lillian, 1925 – 27)

Miss Lillian Gish - On Set - Cca 1915

She reads omnivorously, but always, as I think, seeking the best, and apparently reading with care and reflection. A few days ago I lent her Brand Whitlock’s latest book, “Narcissus,” which tells a Belgian legend of Van Dyck.


Today she said:

“I read it twice—for the story, first, then for the beauty of it—the style. It has great charm. I want to read it again.” Then she told me a story of Van Dyck and Frans Hals, which somewhere she had read, or heard.

(Life and Lillian Gish by Albert Bigelow Paine 1932)


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