Orders to Kill (1958)

Director: Anthony Asquith

Writers: Paul Dehn (screenplay), Donald Downes (original story) (as Donald C. Downes)

Stars: Eddie Albert, Paul Massie, Lillian Gish


Orders to Kill is about a young American bomber pilot (played by Paul Massie) who is sent to Nazi-occupied Paris to kill a man believed to be betraying his colleagues in the French Resistance .Before being parachuted into France the young pilot is given a rigorous training for his assignment of murder. After arriving in France the young pilot begins to realise that there is a difference between killing a lot of people (‘When I dropped bombs I wasn’t there at the other end’) and killing just one nun with a knife or with bare hands. He finds his selected victim is a gentle henpecked husband, who dotes on his daughter, and he begins to feel that the man may not be guilty. He fulfils his mission but later learns the lawyer was innocent as he imagined.

Orders To Kill - Lillian Gish - Still Frame X34

orders-to-kill-daisy-summers-and-louise-listen-to-genes-lies(Lillian Gish - Miki Iveria)b
Orders to Kill, daisy-summers-and-louise-listen-to-genes-lies (Lillian Gish – Miki Iveria)

Lilian Gish is the pilot’s mother, Irene Worth plays Leonie, an experienced agent in the French Resistance. The victim is played by Leslie French, and James Robertson Justice is Paul Massie’s chief instructor. The film is most exciting, based on an original story by Donald C Downes, it was adapted for the screen by George St George. Paul Dehn wrote the film script and Anthony Havelock-Allan was yet again Anthony Asquith‘s producer.


Anthony Asquith: Director John Howell: Art Director Peter Polton: Assistant Director RLM Davidson: Associate Producer Desmond Dickinson: Cinematography Benjamin Frankel: Music Anthony Havelock-Allan: Producer Paul Dehn: Script George St George: Script Gordon Hales: Supervising Editor Cast James Robertson Justice: Head Instructor Paul Massie: Gene Summers Eddie Albert: Major MacMahon Irene Worth: Leonie Leslie French: Marcel Lafitte Lillian Gish: Mrs Summers John Crawford: Major Kimball Lionel Jeffries: Interrogator

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