“One Romantic Night” (The Swan) Entire Film

The story is an adaptation of Ferenc Molnar’s play “The Swan,” seen on the stage in London. Lillian Gish has a freshness that is not common among the goddesses of Hollywood. Conrad Nagel and Rod la Rocque look and play their parts excellently well. O. P. Heggie makes a splendid and knowing “Father Benedict” and Marie Dressler again gives of her genius.

“One Romantic Night” was a photographically beautiful picture, with a distinguished cast. Lillian, as Princess Alexandra; Rod La Roque, as the Prince (sent, against his will, to woo her); Marie Dressler, as her designing mother; Conrad Nagel, as a tutor, in love with Alexandra; O. P. Heggie—altogether a fine company. Yet it has been called a poor picture, and Lillian today is not proud of her part in it. It was by no means a failure. Never had she looked more lovely. No longer a victim of tyranny, brutality and betrayal, but a Princess, as rare as any out of a fairy tale, with a palace and a rose garden and suitors, with a lilting, perfectly-timed voice, Lillian appeared to have come into her own.

Director: Paul L. Stein

Writers: Maxwell Anderson (adaptation) Melville Baker (adaptation) 3 May 1930 (USA)

  • Lillian Gish … Princess Alexandra
  • Rod La Rocque … Prince Albert
  • Conrad Nagel … Dr. Nicholas Haller
  • Marie Dressler … Princess Beatrice
  • O.P. Heggie … Father Benedict
  • Albert Conti … Count Lutzen
  • Edgar Norton … Colonel Wunderlich
  • Billie Bennett … Princess Symphorosa
  • Philippe De Lacy … Prince George
  • Byron Sage … Prince Arsene
  • Barbara Leonard … Mitzi
One Romantic Night – adaptation from Molnar’s play The Swan

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