Mrs Winchester’s House – CBS 5 – HDV 720p 29.97 fps (Entire Documentary)

Mrs. Winchester’s House

• TV Movie
• 1963
• 29min

Documentary about the life and legend of Sarah L. Winchester, heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company who, after the death of her husband and only child moved to San Jose, California and constructed non-stop what came to be known as the Winchester Mystery House during the last 38 years of her life. The film traces Mrs. Winchester’s life from her marriage into the wealthy Winchester family, whose family business supplied many of the repeating rifles sold to the United States Army during and after the Civil War and follows her eccentric life in California where, according to legend, she was advised by a mystic to provide shelter for spirits of the victims of her husband’s rifles or follow him to an early grave. It provides point-of-view shots of the interior and exterior of the rambling Victorian mansion.

• Director – Dick Williams

• Writers
o R.E. Pusey Jr.
o Ray Hubbard

• Star
o Lillian Gish (voice)

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