Miss Susie Slagle’s (1946) — Entire Film —

  • Miss Susie Slagle’s (1946)
  • Director: John Berry
  • Writers: Hugo Butler (screenplay) Anne Froelich (adaptation)

Based on the reminiscent novel which Augusta Tucker wrote—a humored and wistful reflection of life in a boarding house for medical students in Baltimore—it follows the episodic pattern of Miss Tucker’s flavorsome book, with a couple of romantic by-plots worked in by the Hollywood scribes.

Lillian Gish is decidedly limited by the script as the boarding-house marm but she manages to give an impression of respectability and pride personified. And Ray Collins, Morris Carnovsky and J. Lewis Johnson are picturesque in other roles. One would refrain from recommending “Miss Susie Slagle’s” as a fine drama of medical school. But it is a cheerful, nostalgic and personally engaging little picture of fabricated life.

Renny McEvoy, Lloyd Bridges, Bill Edwards and Billy De Wolfe are amusing, too—the latter dominating deliberately with fancy, theatrical airs. Joan Caulfield is winsome but sturdy as the little lady who encumbers Mr. Tufts, while a respectably modest performance as a student nurse is given by Veronica Lake.

– The New York Times –

Miss Susie Slagle’s – 1946 – Veronica Lake, Sonny Tufts, Joan Caulfield, Lillian Gish, Lloyd Bridges, Bill Edwards, Billy De Wolfe

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