Lillian Gish Stars in Play “Grass Harp” On TV (1960)

Desert Sun, Volume XXXIII, Number 262, 18 June 1960

Lillian Gish Stars in Play “Grass Harp” On TV


National Telefilm Associates’ “The Play of the Week” celebrates its twenty-fifth week in television with a performance of Truman Capote s romantic fantasy, “The Grass Harp,” starring Lillian Gish in the role of Dolly Talbo. The play will be televised Thursday, June 23. over KCOP – Channel 131 Los Angeles at 8 p. m. IN ADDITION to Miss Gish, who makes one of her rare television appearances, Russell Collins will be starred as Judge Charlie Cool and Carmen Mathews as Verena Talbo.

The Grass Harp
The Grass Harp

Capote’s drama is an idyll of the pure in heart who, like the meek, inherit the earth. The story spotlights two aging sisters with different concepts of life The gentle one, harassed by the more boisterous sister joins an aimless youth and an outspoken Negro mammy, to take refuge in a tree-house in the woods—openly defying convention. They are joined by a philosophical ex-judge, all four thumbing their noses at society THE TOWN IS shocked by this display of defiance, and an armed posse invades the woods to march the “traitors” to society back to civilization The final curtain finds everyone making adjustments and looking at life with new understanding. Featured are Jonathan Harris, as Dr. Morris Ritz, and Enid Mackey. as the baker s wife. Others in the past include Georgia Burke, Nick Hyams. Katherine Raht, Woodrow Parfrey, Edward Asner, Barbara Dana and Jane Connell.

LILLIAN GISH and Carmen Mathews - The Grass Harp
LILLIAN GISH and Carmen Mathews – The Grass Harp

LILLIAN GISH and Carmen Mathews are shown in a scene from Truman Capote’s romantic-fantasy. The Grass Harp.” KCOP’s presentation of the Play of the Week at 8 p.m., Thursday.

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