Lillian Gish Is Back Before Cameras in ‘Night of Hunter’ – By Bob Thomas (San Bernardino Sun, 1954)

San Bernardino Sun, Volume 61, Number 40, 16 October 1954


  • Lillian Gish Is Back Before Cameras in ‘Night of Hunter’
  • By Bob Thomas
Lillian Gish and Charles Laughton (The Night of The Hunter)

AGAINST TALKIES – Actress Lillian Gish, shown talking to Charles Laughton, confesses she’s never approved of talking movies. She’s in “Night of the Hunter.” (AP Wire photo)

HOLLYWOOD – I’m always critical of my family. Whatever they do, I want them to be only the best.” That was Lillian Gish’s explanation of why she is sometimes considered a critic of the film industry, She considers it a part of her family, and that isn’t too far fetched. She certainly grew up with it, and it with her.

The Night of The Hunter

Miss Gish, whose tender, innocent face is remembered by any one who lived through the silent film era, is back in Hollywood after a considerable absence. She is playing with Shelley Winters and Robert Mitchum in “Night of the Hunter,” which is being directed by Charles Laughton. She, has passed her 55th birthday, but her skin is smooth and she still has the loveliness that mature film fans recall.

She began on the stage at 5 and played in her first movie at 12. She became a star with “Birth of a Nation” and was associated with many of the great D. W. Griffith films that raised movies from infancy to adulthood.

The Night of The Hunter

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