Lillian Gish in “The White Sister” – The Film Daily – September 9, 1923

The Film Daily – September 9, 1923

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Lillian Gish in “The White Sister”

Producer: Inspiration Pictures

Distributor: Not yet determined

The White Sister
The White Sister




What a magnificent performance Lillian Gish gives! Sincerity and repression dominate. Ronald Colman, a new leading man, will be in demand after this. Long cast of excellent players includes J. Barney Sherry and Gail Kane.

The White Sister
The White Sister

Type of Story

Tragic, inasmuch as all important characters, excepting heroine, die at finish. Beautiful romance of young girl taking the veil when she believes her fiancee dead, only to find him alive when she cannot marry him because of her vows to the church. In the end he dies during an eruption of Vesuvius, while warning the people of their danger.

The White Sister
The White Sister

Box Office Angle

Gorgeously mounted; magnificent in construction; a tremendous lot of money spent—one sees it—ranking this as one of the greatest pictures ever made, with Miss Gish giving an outstandingly notable performance, still you had better see this before you book it. The chief reason that you must see it is that it contains material which may provoke much discussion relative to the Catholic church; the taking of the vow and the resultant problem faced by the lovers. There are several titles and sequences, which, if not removed, will certainly provoke much discussion on this point. Exploitation Vast material is at your hand to put this one over. First, you have the name of the star who has not appeared since “Orphans of the Storm,” and who has a big fan clientele. Tell them she does the finest work of her long and meritorious career. Then you have the name of Henry King, and remind them he made “Tol’able David” and other successes. Get a trailer showing the eruption of Vesuvius; the death of the older sister by being dashed from a carriage when the horses bolt; the fox hunt—they are all fine sequences and should easily bring them back.

Direction by

Henry King; has done a magnificent piece of work. Places him among the very leaders.

  • Author F. Marion Crawford
  • Scenario by… George V. Hobart and others
  • Cameraman Roy Overbaugh
  • Photography …. Some interior shots cloudy. Otherwise good.
  • Locale Italian exteriors and interiors. Both magnificent — and real.
  • Length About 13,000 feet; will be cut for general distribution.

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Silver Nitrate White Sister Lobby Card Negative
White Sister Lobby Card (Inspiration Pictures)
Theatre Magazine August 1923 - The White Sister
Theatre Magazine August 1923 – The White Sister

Theatre Magazine, August 1923 – Page 35

Lillian Gish in “The White Sister”

One of the longest journeys yet undertaken by an American cinema troupe is just ended by Miss Lillian Gish and her company. The film star, along with Henry King, her director, and a score of players, left six months ago for Italy where they made the views for a screen version of F. Marion Crawford’s old play. The scenario os by Edmund Goulding, George V. Hobart and others.

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