Lillian Gish in a Hurricane (Pictorial) 1927 (Picture-Play August 1927)

Picture-Play August 1927 Volume XXVI No.6

Hollywood High Lights

The latest news of what the film folk are doing out there in the movie town.

By Edwin and Elza Schallert

Lillian Gish in a Hurricane.

“The Wind,” Lillian Gish’s next picture, promises to be unusually interesting. The story deals with the terrible Texas gales, such as have recently wrought such disaster. Miss Gish has never made a film of quite the same character. Many of the scenes have been filmed on location in the Mohave Desert, and she underwent the hardship of acting in driving sandstorms induced by huge wind machines that succeeded in stirring up the sand in a most amazingly realistic way. The technical crew on the production could wear goggles while working, but Miss Gish, of course, had to go through her part, without glasses, in the very midst of the artificial hurricane. There are several big roles in the film. Lars Hanson has the male lead, and Montagu Love is the heavy.


The Wind – Photo Gallery

The Wind - Poster
The Wind – Poster
The Wind - Poster
The Wind – Poster
The Wind - Poster Lillian and Lars
The Wind – Poster – Lillian and Lars Hanson


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