Lilian Gish recovering in Germany in the 30’s

Bad Nauheim – Germany

Over the years, the Nauheim World Bath has visited many famous people. At the beginning of the thirties this undoubtedly included the American film actress Lilian Gish.

144 Saline Springs, Bad Nauheim, 1945

The Bad Nauheim Kurliste noted from 24 May to 1 July 1931 and from 11 August to 14 September 1932 respectively the presence of “Miss Lilian Gish from New York” in the sanatorium Groedel. The artist was recovering from strenuous film activity alleviating her heart disease. Under the supervision of the internationally known cardiologist Prof. Dr. med. Franz M. Groedel, who was known to her from New York, she recovered far away from the movie hustle and bustle.

Lillian Gish at Bad Nauheim Germany 1931

An eyewitness of that time reported on the delicate figure of the young woman with the dark blond bob, whose lips always played a friendly smile. After the morning brine bath and the subsequent rest period, she left the Sanatorium in the Terrassenstraße every day at lunchtime to purchase the latest edition of The New York Herald Tribune in a nearby bookstore.

Lillian Gish at Bad Nauheim Germany
Lillian Gish at Bad Nauheim Germany

After all, during her absence from New York, she also wanted to be informed about the events in the megacity. An eyewitness who was working in the area of ?? the in-house physiotherapy of the sanatorium Groedel, remembered the extremely pleasant way of dealing with the movie star. Miss Gish speaks fluent in the German language, her appearance has been restrained and modest.

Judging by the success, she had already admitted to a few “celebrity doors”, as she could already look back on an almost 20-year film career. As a child star, she was already on stage at the age of seven. From 1912 to 1922 Lilian Gish worked in more than seventy silent film productions of her discoverer D. W. Griffith. Hotly courted by MGM, she moved to director King Vidor in 1924 and has since been the “star” of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer film company. From 1930, the sound film began its triumphal procession. Until then, the delicate and fragile-looking artist, the “eternal child-woman” had inspired her audience with gestures and the expression of her fascinating face, even without the help of her voice. But Lilian Gish succeeded effortlessly, which many actors did not succeed, she continued her work successfully in the sound film. *(translated from German)

Bad Nauheim Germany ad 1930

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