Lars Hanson – Photoplay Magazine July, 1927

Photoplay Magazine July, 1927

Just Two Good Boys From the Other Side

Lars Hanson

From Sweden

Some like ’em cold.

Consider Lars Hanson, who gave Lillian Gish such a race for honors in ”The Scarlet Letter,” that he was given the unqualified lead in John Robertson’s production, “Captain Salvation,” listed among the six best pictures of the month while his performance is among the best of the month.

Mr. Hanson comes from the chilly, the aloof land of Sweden where nights are long and art is earnest. One of those strong, silent Nordics with blonde hair and eyes like blue ice. A thoughtful, studious young fellow who sees in the movies, not personal exploitation, but something fine, something noble, something big and new for the artist. Like Varconi in one respect, Hanson belongs to the cream of the foreign element in Hollywood. He is no bogus prince, no busted nobleman, but an actor of reputation in his own country—a member of the Royal Theater of Stockholm.

Lars Hanson in Henrik IV at Dramaten
Lars Hanson in Henrik IV at Dramaten

Hanson is a hard worker, with years of struggle and experience to his credit. A discreet, a proud and a shy man who will lapse into a glacier-like silence rather than talk of his success, his personal affairs. He came to America for his Big Chance and he isn’t going to talk himself out of it. The hot sun of Hollywood has shone on him for over a year, the fires of temperament have swept around him; but Lars Hanson hasn’t thawed out yet.

Lars Hanson in Captain Salvation
Lars Hanson in Captain Salvation

His wife is Karin Nolander, a distinguished and beautiful Swedish actress. She will not go on the screen —no. One in the family is enough. But they study together, work together and the gayer world of Hollywood knows them not. But they like America, yes. And the reason is simple.

“Your movies,” says Hanson, “will be the great one. Your people have the poise, the confidence to make great pictures. So your movies will triumph.”

And Mr. Hanson wants to be in on that triumph.

He knows his herring.

Lars Hanson Promotional The Wind
Lars Hanson Promotional The Wind

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