His Double Life – By Norbert Lusk (Picture Play 1934)/ Molly Levin (Picture Play 1935)

his double life (1933) key book — with lillian gish 2

Picture Play Magazine 1934

The Screen in Review – By Norbert Lusk

His Double Life

  • Lillian Gish,
  • Roland Young,
  • Montagu Love,
  • Lumsden Hare,
  • Lucy Beaumont.

Director: Arthur Hopkins

his double life (1933) key book — with roland young and lillian gish

Any picture that brings Lillian Gish back to the screen is important! Any occasion to admire her increased artistry and the maturity of her understanding is a gala moment in this reviewer’s life. Now that it is here, what can he write that hasn’t already been said?

his double life (1933) key book — with roland young.

After all, Miss Gish’s art is delicate, almost impalpable, and it seems to me it is more important for what it communicate to the spectator than to the reader who, like the writer, must always find cold type wanting in recapturing the fleeting impressions of her acting.

Picture Play Magazine – 1935

Close Harmony – By Molly Levin

Hollywood is notable for partnerships—some strange, others easily understood. But all are important to somebody’s success or comfort. Here, some of the outstanding combinations are described.

his double life (1933) key book — with roland young and lillian gish 1

The actor-director combination has been recognized by Hollywood ever since the time when it was believed that Lillian Gish couldn’t flutter an eyelid before the camera without the instructions of D. W. Griffith. Her comeback in “His Double Life” disproved that, but it is still true that many actresses depend very vitally upon the conception of the man behind the megaphone. Sometimes it is merely that a harmony is established between them; sometimes it seems that the director actually imparts an intangible something to the actress.

His Double Life 1933 poster, starring Lillian Gish and Roland Young


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