Many of the “lost” silents shoud be restored

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    An Indian’s Loyalty (1913)
    A Woman in the Ultimate (1913)
    A Modest Hero (1913)
    So Runs the Way (1913)
    The Madonna of the Storm (1913)
    The Blue or the Gray (1913)
    The Conscience of Hassan Bey (1913)
    The Battle at Elderbush Gulch (1913)
    The Green-Eyed Devil (1914)
    The Battle of the Sexes (1914)
    The Hunchback (1914)
    The Quicksands (1914)
    Home, Sweet Home (1914)
    Judith of Bethulia (1914)
    Silent Sandy (1914)
    The Escape (1914)
    The Rebellion of Kitty Belle (1914)
    Lord Chumley (1914)
    Man’s Enemy (1914)
    The Angel of Contention (1914)
    The Wife (1914)
    The Tear that Burned (1914)
    The Folly of Anne (1914)
    The Sisters (1914)
    His Lesson (1914)
    The Lost House (1915)
    Enoch Arden (1915)
    Captain Macklin (1915)
    Souls Triumphant (1915)
    The Lily and the Rose (1915)
    Daphne and the Pirate (1916)
    Sold for Marriage (1916)
    An Innocent Magdalene (1916)

    There’s a long list of valuable silents, forgotten, that could enrich the cultural heritage if placed under public domain or commercial websites for those who are interested in purchasing them.

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