Drama Leaguers and ‘Old Friends’ – By Irene Powers (Chicago Tribune – 1969)

  • Chicago Tribune – Saturday October 4, 1969 – Page 16
  • Drama Leaguers and ‘Old Friends’
  • By Irene Powers

At just about our lunch time today, the Chicago Drama league’s travelers, airborne from Copenhagen, will be circling in over the night lights of Moscow on the third lap of their global Theater Holiday junket. Before them are six and one-half days of opera, ballet and play-going [a circus and a puppet show included], interspersed with sightseeing in Moscow and Leningrad.

The stay-at-homes haven’t lost out in large numbers and keyed up with enthusiasm Friday to welcome a professional resident company at last

Lillian Gish in the sixties – close up

Women on the Go

The Goodman Theater Group – and Miss Lillian Gish to the first season’s parties for players.

For Miss Gish and the Drama league it was a reunion of old friends. She has been at the Goodman this week in her one-woman show, “Lillian Gish and the Movies” [last performance tonight].

Miss Eugenia Leontovich, just back from London with news to tell of a triumph for the Tolstoy play she adapted and directed, was another of the long-time friends of the league introduced at the party.

Mrs. Fred J. O’Connor, presiding, pledged the new Goodman company the support of the league members.

“We have waited a long time for this,” she said, “and our hearts are full of joy and anticipation.” Norman Ross, the master of ceremonies, praised the “understatement” with which the new venture had been undertaken.

By the time the Drama league’s theater tour returns home Oct. 18, the party of 68 will have seen Abby Theater festival productions in Dublin, ballet in Copenhagen, attended opera and plays in Stockholm, made a round of the theaters in London.

Lillian Gish after a BBC interview May 11, 1969

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