Lillian Gish Documents

Lillian Gish Documents

Newspaper scans 1914 -1943 various articles on Lillian Gish


Motion Picture Classic (Jan-Aug 1919)

Motion Picture Classic (1923, 1924, 1926)

Where is The Gish Theater Re-located?

Current Opinion, July 1919 Broken Blossoms

Life and Lillian Gish by Albert Bigelow Paine

Chicago Tribune – Collection of Articles

Lillian Gish – Stageography

Lillian Gish – TV Apparitions

Lillian Gish_ The Silent Past – The Washington Post

Vanity Fair May 1916 – The Birth Of A Nation review

Rob Wagner’s Script – DW Griffith The Minor Masterworks

Gish Film Theater Collection MS-741 (Memorabilia and clothing)

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What can be learned from the Central City Opera House and the culture it houses?

Where Is Gish Theater RELocated


The Wind 1927, A Picture That Was No Picnic

The Gish Girls talk about each other



Publications Gish_Layout 1

Motion Picture Classic (1923-1926)





One Illusion Intact

photoplay Feb-Jun 1921


Motion Picture Classic (1924-02)

Miss Lillian Gish theatre career

Lillian Gish TV apparitions

Lillian Gish Natal Chart

Lillian Gish has never cared more than a small hoot about fashion

Lillian Gish Bio

Lillian Gish and her art are finding a home at BGSU

Lillian Diana Gish Oct 14 1893 23

Chicago Tribune – Lillian Gish Articles


george jean nathan The Family Of Man

HiRes Publications Gish_Layout 1

Life and Lillian Gish – Albert Bigelow Paine

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DW Griffith-American-Film-Master-by-Iris-Barry-moma_catalogue_2993

Intolerance vs. Clansman

seq-45 1918 Ku Klux Klan revival NY Tribune

The Evening Call – Central City Colo

National Register of Historic Places Central City

American Film Institute Filmography Lillian Gish

Chicago tribune pictorial Nov 10 1929

Chicago tribune pictorial 1917

Chicago tribune 1927

New York Times Sun Dec 31 1916

Sat May 7 1960 drama_season Ann Arbor News

lillian gish beloved star of screen and stage first time on the lecture platform

screen  –  sweet liberty by vincent canby 1986

lillian gish – life with mother

lillian gish – the birth of an era

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