D. W. Griffith, Father of Movies, is honored (San Bernardino Sun, 1975)

  • San Bernardino Sun, 23 January 1975
  • D. W. Griffith, Father of Movies, is honored
Anita Loos and Lillian Gish – Griffith Stamp ceremony

NEW YORK (AP) – “We shot it in one day and got $5 for it,” Lillian Gish said yesterday, recalling one of the movies she made with D. W. Griffith, the film pioneer regarded as the father of the movies. “Now that’s a story in itself!” she quipped. It was in 1912 that Griffith -being honored at the Museum of Modern Art here on the 100th anniversary of his birth gathered his film crew on 14th Street and cranked out “An Unseen Enemy,” the movie that helped catapult Miss Gish to stardom. “At last we are giving some recognition to it,” Miss Gish told the crowd of illuminaires that gathered in the museum’s auditorium for the ceremony. Eagerly listening to her praise for Griffith were a room full of celebrities which included Mrs. John D. Rockefeller III, movie and stage stars Cyril Ritchard and Geraldine Page, and a host of other notables including Cornelia Otis Skinner, Ilka Chase and Anita Loos.


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