Critics Praise Lillian Gish in “The White Sister” – Moving Picture World – 1924

Moving Picture World – February 1924

Critics Praise Lillian Gish in “The White Sister”

San Francisco Critics Find “White Sister” True to Life

LILLIAN GISH’S latest feature, “The White Sister,” which Metro is to release under the terms of the contract recently closed with Inspiration Pictures, Inc., came in for praise by San Francisco newspaper critics, following its opening at the Capitol Theatre in that city.

“Words are futile things with which to describe the charm of the tragic romance. Lillian Gish is the star of The White Sister and as always, this supreme tragic actress of the American films holds the eye by her wistful beauty, frail intensity, her restrained pathos,” said the San Francisco Journal.

“The sincerity of Miss Gish’s acting is the greatest tribute to her genius. The balance of the cast have been expertly chosen,” is the opinion of the San Francisco Examiner critic.

“Beauty, reverence, the swirl of wild passion, the power of purity, a man’s sacrifice for his fellows — these are some of the impressions brought away from looking at The White Sister,” stated the San Francisco Chronicle.

“There are two outstanding features of The White Sister. One, and that which is called first to the attention of the viewer, is the beauty of the production. The second is the acting of Lillian Gish in the title role,” said the San Francisco Call and Post.

Theatre Magazine August 1923 - The White Sister
Theatre Magazine August 1923 – The White Sister

“The White Sister scored an artistic success upon the speaking stage, but no greater success than accorded The White Sister of the screen,” wrote the San Francisco Bulletin. “In every respect it is infintely worth while, a screen classic. A critic would have to scatter superlatives to do justice to the production and the star,” stated the San Francisco Herald.

“Filmed entirely in Italy, the background is romatic to a high degree, and the photography, to say nothing of the acting of Miss Gish and the Italian principals, directed by Henry King, noted for his work in Tol’able David, make the picture one of the most important of the year,” is a portion of the review in the San Francisco News.

The White Sister
The White Sister

Lillian Gish in “The White Sister,” the inspiration picture that Metro will soon give national distribution, played the Alhambra Theatre in Milwaukee recently. “With no stretch of the imagination this picture can at once be placed in the list of the best productions,” said the Evening Sentinuel.

“Miss Gish has never done better work.” “Lillian Gish is better in ‘The White Sister’ than in anything she has ever done,” said Peggy Patton in the Wisconsin News.

“From any standpoint it is splendid.” “ ‘The White Sister’ unquestionably is an out-of-the-ordinary contribution to the screen,” said the Milwaukee Leader.

“When you see a certain actress in a certain role and you say to yourself, ‘There’s no one else in the world could have played it as she does’ then you know it’s a pretty splendid performance. And if you are that rare combination—a film fan and book reader—you can tell in advance what the fragile and lovely Lillian Gish would make of F. Marion Crawford’s novel, ‘The White Sister.’ To tell you more would be to steal from your enjoyment of the picture.” Thus wrote Mary Mac in the Milwaukee Journal.

Moving Picture World (Feb 1924) Praise The White Sister 1
Moving Picture World (Feb 1924) Praise The White Sister 1
Moving Picture World (Feb 1924) Praise The White Sister 2
Moving Picture World (Feb 1924) Praise The White Sister 2

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