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To one observer, Lillian Gish was “a white fingered maiden with the fragility of a Fragonard.” To another, “She seems to float on the screen like a remembered vision of Botticelli’s women.” Lillian Gish has long inspired her admirers to flights of romantic metaphor, with visions of pale blossoms and fluttering doves recurring over the decades as new audiences discover the rare delicacy and spirit in her performances.

But those who worked with her tend to remember another Gish: a committed artist so intensely wrapped up in her work that her very life might be before the cameras if the scene required it. King Vidor, who directed Gish in La Boheme (1926), recalls with trepidation her ability to stop breathing while she played the death of Mimi.

LA BOHEME, John Gilbert, Lillian Gish, 1926

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