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  • American Film Acting
  • The Stanislavski Heritage
  • by Richard A. Blum
  • Copyright © 1984 Richard Arthur Blum All rights reserved
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One of Griffith’s actresses, Lillian Gish, received a letter of commendation from Nemirovich-Danchenko, who cofounded the M.A.T. with Stanislavski:

I want once more to tell you of my admiration of your genius. In that picture “The Wind” the power and expressiveness of your betrayal began real tragedy. A combination of the greatest sincerity, brilliance and unvarying charm places you in the small circle of the first tragediennes of the world…. It is quite possible that I shall write [of it] again to Russia, where you are the object of great interest and admiration by the people.”

Clearly, D. W. Griffith was an important figure in establishing realistic acting standards for American film, just as Belasco popularized realistic detail and understatement in commercial theatre.

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