Nine Pine Street – 1933

Nine Pine Street

Longacre Theatre, (4/27/1933 – circa. 5/1933)
Opening Date: Apr 27, 1933
Closing Date: May 1933
Total Performances: 28

Category: Play, Original, Broadway
Description: A play in six scenes and an epilogue
Setting: The Holden Home, New Bedford, Mass.


  • Roberta Beatty – Mrs. Carrie Riggs
    Helen Claire  – Clara Holden
    Andree Corday  – Ernestine
    Lillian Gish  – Effie Holden
    Raymond Hackett  – Warren Pitt
    Robert Harrison  – Edward Holden
    Eleanor Hicks  – Mrs. Powell
    James Hollicky  – Lieut. Middleton
    James P. Houston  – Rev. Appleton
    William Ingersoll  – Dr. Powell
    Neil McFee  – Martin Lodge
    John Morrissey  – Capt. James Tate
    Jessamine Newcombe  – Miss Roberts
    Barna Ostertag  – Annie
    Catherine Proctor  – Miss Littlefield
    Janet Young  – Mrs. Holden

1930 promo ccc v
“Miss Lillian Gish, who of late has been known in these parts more as the lady of the camellas, became last evening a forget-me-not in the rain.” That was the phrase applied by one of those New York reporters to Effie Holden, after the trial in New Bedford.” NY Times


Miss Lillian Gish, as a Reincarnation of Lizzie Borden, Appears in “Nine Pine Street.” NY Times


Nine Pines Street Charles Affron


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