The Night of 100 Stars * 1982

In 1982, a lot of stars gathered together in New York to raise money for the Actor’s Fund of America with a spectacular variety show titled “Night of 100 Stars.” Let’s look back at some of the truly astounding, inspiring clips that survive.
Liza Minnelli was on hand to introduce some famous movie couples, including Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton in Reds as famous reds John Reed and Louise Bryant. Then they all joined hands and sang “Love Makes the World Go Round.” Just take a minute to let that wash over you.
Easily the highlight, however, was the fashion show, which featured looks from history plus modern designs modeled by Cicely Tyson, Eva Gabor, Brooke Shields, and Linda Evans of Dynasty. The grand finale was Cher in a wedding ensemble which looks to have been party gold lamé.

Produced by
Alexander H. Cohen … executive producer
Lou Del Prete … associate producer
Bill Hinckley … associate producer
Hildy Parks … producer
Roy A. Somlyo … co-producer
Music by
Buz Kohan
Glen Roven

Art Direction by
Charles Lisanby

Costume Design by
Alvin Colt

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