“Mama’s family considered Papa’s people upstarts because her first ancestor, Francis Bernard, left England in 1632 for America. He settled in Hadley, Massachusetts.
The first Gish left Germany (The Mosel Valley) in 1733. He, Mathias Gish, arrived in Philadelphia on board “The Philadelphia Merchant” in September and was given a landgrant in Penryn, Lancaster County.


A hundred and fifty years later six families left those parts together by train from Harrisburg bound for Abilene, Kansas. Among them were the Reverend Benjamin Gish and the Reverend Jacob Eisenhower, Dwight David’s grandfather.
The Gishes settled on one side of Turkey Creek which runs into Smokey Hill and the Eisenhowers on the other.
Mama’s most distinguished forebearer was Zachary Taylor, known as “Old Rough and Ready”, the twelfth President of the United States.
On Papa’s side, Oliver Holmes Gish won distinction as a geophisicist with the Carnegie Institute in Washington D.C.
Dorothy and I were most fortunate in our choice of ancestors and “upstart” became an important part of our careers.
(Dorothy and Lillian Gish – 1973 – By Lillian Gish)

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Miss Lillian Gish’s Quotes presented along with scenes from her movies

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Dorothy Gish





Four Generations
Diana Waltz Gish Our Grandmother
Mary McConnell Gish Our Mother
Lillian Diana Gish Me
Emily Ward Robinson Our Great Grandmother
(Dorothy and Lillian Gish – 1973 – By Lillian Gish)







“Papa’s” confectionery shop in Baltimore




Mama (May Bernard) as a member of Proctor’s Stock Company giving her self-conscious impression of an actress
(Dorothy and Lillian Gish – 1973 – By Lillian Gish)

Dorothy Gish

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