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“As I pressed my face against the train window, the rain seemed to cover it with tears…”

Lillian Gish, Chappell Garden, Denver, Colorado - Laura Gilpin

“I never approved of talkies. Silent movies were well on their way to developing an entirely new art form. It was not just pantomine, but something wonderfully expressive.”

Lillian Gish seated at dressing table - Nell Dorr 1930

“Fans always write asking why I didn’t smile more in films. I smiled in Annie Laurie (1927), but I can’t recall that it helped much.”

Lillian Gish photographed by Nell Dorr 1930

“Marriage is a business. A woman cannot combine a career and marriage… I should not wish to unite the two.”

Lillian Gish Mid Shot in Camille by Laura Gilpin

“I believe that marriage is a career in itself. I have preferred a stage career to a marriage career.”

Lillian Gish in evening gown - Nell Dorr 1930

“I don’t care for modern films–all crashing cars and close-ups of people’s feet.”

Lillian Gish in Camille, Central City, Colorado

“I’ve never been in style, so I can’t go out of style.”

Lillian Gish in Bed 2 - Nell Dorr cca 1930 Massillon

“I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t acting, so I can’t imagine what I would do if I stopped now.”

Lillian Gish in Bed - Nell Dorr cca 1930 Massillon

“I think the things that are necessary in my profession are these: Taste, Talent and Tenacity. I think I have had a little of all three.”

Lillian Gish brushing her hair - Nell Dorr 1930

“I’m a believing person. I believe in God even though I can’t see him. You can’t see the air in this room, right? But take it away and you’re dead. And I believe there’s something for us after we die. The world isn’t wasteful.”

Lillian Gish EGERIA

“I surely take no pleasure in being the rather melancholy person I am. I too, would like to believe in all the lovely rainbows in which Dorothy believes. I, too, would surely be happy to find some day that hard work was not hard work at all but just a charming pastime. Unfortunately for me, however, a Klieg light is just a Klieg light and not the English moon.

As a little girl, I wasn’t much good at playing and I find that, try as I will, I don’t play very convincingly today. When Dorothy goes to a party, the party becomes a party; when I go to one, I’m afraid it very often stops being a party.

I am not unhappy. I simply am not gay. It must have rained in the evening I was born, and it seems arbitrarily to have kept on raining in my heart ever since.”

(The Movies, Mr.Griffith and Me).


Vincent Price and Lillian Gish - The Whales of August
Vincent Price and Lillian Gish – The Whales of August


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